Flex L 1001 Smerigliatrice angolare
  • Flex L 1001 Smerigliatrice angolare

Flex L 1001 angle grinder

FLEX L 1001 angle grinder 1010 watt, 125 mm

€73.57 Save 33%
VAT included Consegna: 2 - 5 giorni lavorativi

  • With triple dustproof protection of armature windings. It reduces engine wear and increases the service life. With protective grid reinforced on the winding head    
  • restart protection after power failure    
  • stator winding with epoxy powder coating    
  • adjustable safety guard    
  • Compact design, ergonomic, perfect to grip    
  • Additional handle    
  • accessory port stop function        
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      technical attributes
      Ø max. abrasive body     125 mm    
      Number of load speed     10,000 / min.    
      Power consumption     1010 watts    
      Power Provided     600 watts    
      Tool attachment     14 M    
      Ø Collar     40.3 mm    
      Dimensions (L x W x H)     290 x 80 x 110 mm    
      Cable length     4.0 m.    
      weight     2.2 kg    
      1 sanding guard 125 Ø     413,054    
      1 additional handle     335,274    
      1 pin wrench     100,110    
      1 clamping flange     335,282    
      1 clamping nut M 14     100,080        

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